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Motivational Speaker | Social Worker Expert | Staff Development Trainer


To see individuals apply learned principles that will lead them to a life of tranquility, peace and harmony in balance. (Mentally, Physically and Emotionally) I want to see hopelessness, depression and despair loose it's control in the lives of individuals. Understand that creative juices cannot flow until you have an environment that is tranquil.
I went from being raised in an environment that was destined for failure and now a wife, mother, author, educator, speaking and an exceptional woman seeking to help others through my experience and education. I turned my adversity into my strength.


Chief Executive Officer
Company NameU Change, LLC
Dates Employed: 2009 – Present  
Employment Duration: 9 yrs
U Change, LLC providing written and verbal communication services to assist in the personal and professional development or individual and Social Service agencies.

Adjunct Professor
Company Name: University of Toledo Social Work Dpt.
Dates Employed: Jan 2012 – Present
Employment Duration: 6 yrs 5 mos
Teach class of 41 students on the subject of Social Work and assisted students with understanding the field of Social Work


Company Name: U Change, LLC
DatesEmployed: Jan 2011 – Present
Employment Duration: 7 yrs 5 mos
Magazine and book publisher, graphic design and layout, advertising and marketing

Company NameUniversity of Toledo
Dates Employed: 2011 – Present
Employment Duration: 7 yrs
Teaching Social Work classes

Clinical Director
Company Name: New Concepts Alcohol and drug treatment facility
Dates Employed: Jul 2009 – Present
Employment Duration: 8 yrs 11 mos
Location: Toledo
Alcohol and Drug assessments, Mental health assessments, Group counseling/Individual counseling, Facilitation of staff meetings


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Because of my past experiences, I have gained the unique ability to relate to individuals of various backgrounds. My methods provide hope, encouragement, and tangible skills which assist in goal attainment.

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